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Greener Homes Grant: Embracing ASHPs for a Sustainable Future

Greener Homes Grant: Embracing ASHPs for a Sustainable Future

Do you know that you can receive as much as $6500 in reimbursement for making your home energy-efficient?

The Canadian federal government announced a new program called Canada Greener Homes Grant on May 27, 2021. Targeting sustainability and reduction of environmental footprints, this government initiative aims to empower Canadian homeowners to make eco-friendly choices by providing financial incentives for home improvements.

Let us explore how the Greener Homes Grant is driving Canadians to adopt air-source heat pumps (ASHP) and the many benefits of this sustainable heating solution to both homeowners and the environment.

Air Source Heat Pumps Explained

ASHPs harness renewable energy for sustainable heating and cooling

Perhaps, you have heard that ASHPs are the latest and hottest thing in green heating — but are they the right heating solution for your home? How do they work?

An air source heat pump system is an eco-friendly option to heat your home. This type of low-carbon heating solution uses clever technology designed to absorb heat from the air outside and increase its temperature using a compressor. It transfers the heat to your furnace or other heating systems to keep you cozy and warm inside, especially in winter.

Imagine how a refrigerator works in reverse.

The pulled air is then used to heat a special refrigerant liquid, warming it up and turning the liquid into gas. The compressor increases the temperature of the gas, transferring heat to your furnace and other heating systems to keep your home cozy and warm, especially in winter.

The cooled-down gas turns into liquid again and gets reused once the cycle restarts. ASHPs only use electricity and can work efficiently during winter, even when the temperature is well below 0.

There are 2 different types of ASHPs: air-to-air and air-to-water. While they function differently, they are compatible with different types of heating systems.

  • Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

This type of air source heat pump extracts heat from the air outside and uses fans to transfer heat into your home. It requires an air circulation system to move the warm air throughout your home.

However, it is not designed to produce hot water. A separate immersion heater or other water heating system may be required.

In the summer, you can reverse the operation of the air-to-air heat pump. You can use it like an AC unit to keep your home cool.

  • Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Like air-to-air heat pumps, this type of ASHP absorbs the heat from the outside air. However, the absorbed air is fed into the wet central heating system to produce warm air.

Since the heat produced by the air-to-water heat pumps is cooler than that from a conventional oil or gas boiler, they work more efficiently with water underfloor heating systems or larger radiators. For optimal performance, they require a spacious surface area to effectively release heat.

Incorporating larger radiators or underfloor heating for a heat pump is easier during home extensions or new builds. Also, it can be more cost-effective than retrofitting underfloor heating in the future.

Fun fact: The science behind the air source heat pump may sound fascinating, but it is definitely not new. Scientist, Lord Kelvin described this concept back in 1852!

Overview of the Greener Homes Grant

The Greener Homes Grant in Canada is a government-backed program designed to support residential owners in making sustainable upgrades to their properties. Eligible Canadians can receive up to $6500 in reimbursements on select heat pump and furnace/air handler combinations, as well as up to $600 for a home evaluation for retrofit planning.

Before applying online, you must meet all the criteria to qualify for the program. You should have all the necessary documentation to prove home ownership.

Greener Homes Grant Eligibility:

  • Your house must be eligible for energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • You must be the sole applicant within your household.
  • You must provide proof of residence. Landlords who do not reside on-site are not eligible for the grant.
  • Owners of single or semi-detached houses, row houses, townhomes, certain types of mobile homes or houseboats, all-season cottages, small multi-unit residential buildings, and mixed-use residential buildings are eligible.
  • While condos are typically ineligible, condo owners in low-rise buildings may qualify for the grant.
  • First Nation band councils, land claims organizations, and Indigenous housing management bodies may apply.
  • New are homes not qualified.

Air Source Heat Pumps Advantages

Experience lower costs and reduced carbon emissions for a greener future

ASHPs offer plenty of advantages, making them an increasingly popular option for sustainable heating and cooling, as well as a leading solution for homeowners seeking both eco-friendly living and financial benefits.

Here are some of the top benefits of using ASHPs:

  • Lower Carbon Footprint – Unlike other heating options, ASHPs use outside air to keep homes warm or cool at a highly efficient rate. It only uses one unit of electricity for every 3 to 4 units of energy produced.
  • Low Maintenance – ASHPs require little maintenance. Annual servicing ensures that they are in tip-top shape. To keep it clean, replace filters every few months, wipe down the coils, remove dirt from the internal fan blades, and clean the registers. You can also check the levels of refrigerant and signs of leaks to ensure optimal performance.
  • Quick Installation – Air-source heat pump installation can be done as quickly as 2 days since it does not require digging like ground-source heat pumps.
  • Heating and Cooling in One – Depending on the model, ASHPs can be used as a heater and an air conditioner. It can help you save money, space, and time associated with the installation of 2 different systems that serve separate purposes.
  • Health and Wellness Benefits – Air-source heat pumps run more quietly than other heating and cooling technologies, especially with ductless mini splits. They typically operate at 40 to 60 decibels (dB), lower than dishwashers and AC units. Ductless mini splits inside buildings produce only 20 to 40 dB, similar to a whisper. Moreover, air source heat pumps enhance air quality through filtration, reduce allergens, and dehumidify living spaces for increased comfort.
  • Long Lifespan – A well-installed ASHP can last for up 20 years and most come with 5-year warranties. With a bit of TLC, some models can work efficiently for about 25 years.

How the Greener Homes Grant Supports ASHP Adoption

The primary goal of the Greener Homes Gram is to make air-source heat pumps easily accessible and more affordable for Canadian residential owners. It enables eligible applicants to apply for a zero-interest loan for up to $40,000 with a 10-year repayment term for ASHP installations. This financial assistance provides substantial coverage for installation costs, making the transition to greener heating more attainable and practical for homeowners.

Steps to Access the Greener Homes Grant for ASHPs

If you are interested to apply for the Greener Homes Grant for air source heat pumps, we will help you navigate through the process to ensure smooth application.

  • Know if you are eligible – Check whether you meet the criteria outlined by the Greener Homes Grant, such as residency requirements and property ownership.
  • Find accredited installers – Look for accredited installers in your area who can provide ASHP installation quotes. Check their expertise and qualifications to ensure an efficient and successful air source heat pump installation.
  • Apply for the grant – Obtain all the necessary documentation and complete the Greener Homes Grant application process. Visit the website, and make sure to follow the instruction provided. Submit the important documents within the designated timeframe.

The Greener Homes Grant provides Canadian homeowners with a unique opportunity to contribute to a greener future. Embracing ASHPs as a sustainable heating solution empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint, cut down energy consumption, and enjoy long-term cost savings.

Take the Next Step Toward a Greener Home

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Let us seize this opportunity, make the switch to ASHPs, and join the movement toward sustainable living.

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