What Is The Future Of Energy Efficient Homes?

What Is The Future Of Energy Efficient Homes?

Did you know, a third of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings?

With so much electricity being used, no wonder most of us still complain about our electricity bill is too high.

This means there is a lot of room for improvement.

Spending on electricity needs to be reduced.

Instead, we need more energy-saving homes.

However, looking at the advancements made in the past few years, it is quite extraordinary to see how far building construction has come.

As new ways of energy-efficient construction are being developed. The future of sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for houses looks more and more promising by the day.  

Solar Panels Are The Future

One of the most common alternatives to common grid power is using solar panels.

You can easily get these installed on your rooftop by hiring a local Mississauga electrician, if your residence is in Mississauga.

The average cost of a 10 kW solar system in Mississauga is $40,000 plus tax.

So this deters many because of the high up-front cost. But what most people don’t realize is that with the electricity generation capabilities of solar panels, you don’t have to pay hefty energy bills anymore.

Meaning that you can recoup the buying and installation costs in only a few years.

Should New Construction In Homes Include Solar Panels In Addition To Wiring For Local Grid Power?

In addition to local grid power, you can also ask a professional electrician to install solar panels.

There are a few reasons why you may want to keep both options open:

  1. Solar panels are expensive. So initially you can start by installing panels that fulfill only part of your energy requirement. And you can rely on grip power for the rest of your needs.
  2. You can use local power on rainy days and nights when your solar panels can’t get enough sun to charge up.
  3. Once your solar panel system is completely set up, you will find it generates more electricity than you need. Through your connection to the local power grid, you can sell this surplus electricity at a price. Thus making back the amount you spent on solar panels.

How Are The New Construction Trends Set Up To Help Save You Money In Energy Costs?

An average Canadian household uses around 6,920 kWh of electricity per year.

To decrease energy consumption, newer constructions are adopting the following ways to save both money and energy:

Energy Star

Energy Star products are the new ‘IT’ appliances for both saving your money and conserving energy. While providing you excellent latest features with great quality.

Sensor-controlled Light Bulbs

It is hard to remember to turn off the lights every time you leave the room. And of course, all this while they are on, they continue to consume electricity. Only adding more cost to your bill.

The way to get over this problem is to install lights with sensors. So the lights turn on and off only when they detect movement in the room.

Low-e Window Panes

Low-e or low emissivity window technology allows you to reduce heat or cooling loss and noise reduction while letting in all the sunlight.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling System

61.6% of energy in Canadian homes is used in heating alone.

And because of inefficient boilers and ductwork, a lot of this energy ends up being wasted.

Modern-day air conditioning units provide options to both heat and cool the room, without much loss of energy.

Want to find out which energy-efficient ways you can use at home?

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